From the recording Caesar Jones



You passed me by
Though you saw me out the corner of your eye
I guess it comes as no great big surprise
I was moving on so why did I

Keep a pace behind you, hoping something might just make you turn
But it seems that bridge was well and truly burned

I just delayed the plans we made
I was living how I pleased
Dancing to my own parade
swaying every breeze, that passed

til every one of those would be my last
I Wish you’d knew I’d climbed out of that glass
As I slipped away I was blinded by a light

The crowd was parting, whose knows why?
But something made you turn
And It felt just like the day that I was born

I want to take the plans we made
And find a man in me
I will lead you to the greatest of parades you’ve ever seen
If you let me fall into your loving arms again

We can’t stop growing older
When the world is weighing on your shoulders
I’ll whisper things I never ever told you
Lead you all the way, to the greatest of parades you’ve ever seen

© ceasarjonesmusic