From the recording Caesar Jones


Mighty steps were never taken
We counted down in our heads
Took a place by the water’s edge

Wise words prepared all remained unspoken
All that we had to say
Gathers dust for another day

We sparked fire, every time we took to the room
Our time was surely coming soon

You looked at me through the eyes of a stranger?
Clearly too blind to see
What you still meant to me

Maybe the fire, the last time we took to the room
Had gone but I still believed in you

Then we walked straight lines like ghosts of the haunted
Watching your path unwind, clearly just as lost as mine
We were only, running in circles
All out against the tide, just a hopeless dream to guide

Though I’m worlds away, from my darkest days
You’re still absolutely underneath my skin
So you and me? One last dance with destiny?
For the final time it’s on the line

[Here’s my hand, let’s go running in circles]

© ceasarjonesmusic